Design of a Project Management Methodology (PMBOK®7)

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General remark to PMI ®  PMBOK7 ® : PMI® says that they are going to publish the new... more
Product information "Design of a Project Management Methodology (PMBOK®7)"

General remark to PMI® PMBOK7®:
PMI® says that they are going to publish the new PMI® PMBOK® Guide in its Seventh Edition (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge - PMBOK7) in "early 2021". They will include new governing principles, performance domains, and others, which also changes the way an organization is going to create a project methodology once it is based upon PMBOK® standard. Especially, the content structure has been revised in essential points, so that the shift from PMBOK6 to PMBOK7 is much more complex than the shift from PMBOK5 to PMBOK6 in the past. OYSTEC is carefully evaluating the content of PMBOK7 and recommends aligning future project management methods with this latest standard. As long as version 7 is not yet final, we can start only with what is already set. These are for example the Project Performance Domains and the Project Management Principles, which will both have a strong impact on your future project management methodology framework. Contact us if you are interested in aligning your new project management methodology with PMI PMBOK7.

Target Organization:
Any organization that wants to create its own Project Management Methodology and wants to get external experts to help (from large large enterprises to small medium-sized companies as well as cross-industry, e.g. manufacturing, IT, etc.)

As a "Method as a Service" we offer you the design and implementation of your new Project Methodology for use within your projects with PMI® PMBOK® Guide and other assets (if desired). PMI PMBOK® Guide describes performance domains as well as principles which are recommended to become a part in your future methodology. Depending on your requirements, various structures and contents of these standards should be adapted and integrated. In addition, there is the recommendation to incorporate your own assets from your organization at any level. There are also other building blocks that can expand the scope of a project methodology, e.g. the design and installation of your own learning and certification environment. OYSTEC can create a corresponding project management methodology for your company and implement it in your organization. To ensure the best quality within your Project Managament Methodology, the utilization of the PMI® assets is recommended as follows:

Utilization of 'Project Performance Domains':






This deals with a sound engagement with interest parties.



Fostering team development and leadership behaviors from all project team members to achieve outcomes.


Development Approach & Life Cycle

The development approach and delivery cadence both influence the project life cycle and its phases.



Coordination activities necessary to produce project deliverables and outcomes.


Project Work

Needed to keep project operations running smoothly and includes, besides others, communication, engagement, and other work.



Associated with delivery of quality and agreed scope.



Necessary to ensure the planned project performance is achieved.



Related activities and functions associated with risk and uncertainty.

Utilization of 'Project Management Principles':






To be a diligent, respectful and caring steward.



To build a culture of accountability and respect.



To engage stakeholders to understand their interests and needs.



To focus on value.


Systems/Holistic Thinking

To recognize and respond to systems’ interactions.



To motivate, influence, coach and learn.



To tailor the delivery approach based on context.



To build quality into processes and results.



To address complexity using knowledge, experience, and learning.


Risk / Opportunities & Threats

To address opportunities and threats.


Adaptability & Resilience

To be adaptable and resilient.


Change Management

To enable change to achieve the envisioned future state.

Service Period:
By arrangement (depending on the scope, a project methodology can be created and implemented within 3 months to 2 years; depending on the building blocks to be integrated).

Global Delivery Model:
The methodology can be created at your location or remotely, or from a mixture of both - depending on the arrangement with you. Then: the use of shoring resources (e.g. from nearshore or offshore employees) can be configured as part of a project methodology.

By hourly or daily rate (price on request)

Country and language availability:
World (German, English)

Copyright: PMI and PMBOK are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

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  • The Project Management Training Workshop is structured and carried out in accordance with the globally leading PMI® PMBOK® Guide for Project Management, so that you get a holistic Project Management experience.
  • You have the opportunity to contribute your own requirements in the design phase of the workshop. For example, to include important company-specific project management requirements and methodologies, and integrate it as part of the overall workshop offering.
  • You can also use this training as preparation for a PMP® training.
  • You get first-hand Project Manager knowledge so that the quality and skills of your Project Manager increase even further.


  • You want to train new Project Managers or further expand the skills of existing Project Managers.
  • The presence of a training room for onsite training; alternatively training via remote infrastructure is also possible.

We have trained (future) Project Managers in various environments; through onsite workshops or through the developed e-learning system and certification scenarios.

Copyright: PMI, PMP, Project Management Professional and PMBOK are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

In addition to the core service, the following modules can also be part of the offer, depending on the individual agreement. Please specify your wishes when you send us an inquiry.

Core Offering:
Conducting one or more project management training workshops for your employees according to the PMI® PMBOK® Guide; optionally with additional content that you can define.

Additional Building Blocks:

  • An even stronger focus on certain PMI® management areas: integration, scope, time planning, costs, quality, resources, communication, risk, procurement and / or stakeholders
  • Power tactics (e.g. with weaker or nonexistent matrix organizations)
  • Organizational change management
  • Agile project management
  • Program management
  • Multi project management
  • Template management and rollouts (e.g. in the IT industry)
  • Shoring networks (Global Delivery Model)
  • More on request!

Copyright: PMI and PMBOK are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

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