Yutaka Sasaki, the newly appointed Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of NTT DATA Group Corporation, talks with Gernot Kapteina, Managing Director of OYSTEC, in an exclusive interview. In this conversation, Sasaki shares his strategic vision for NTT DATA's global operations, discusses the integration of AI technologies, and reflects on his extensive career in the IT sector. This dialogue offers a unique glimpse into the leadership and innovation driving one of the world's leading IT service providers, highlighting Sasaki's commitment to fostering growth and enhancing technological advancements in the industry.
We are excited to announce that OYSTEC, your trusted SAP Silver Partner, is now featured on SAP PartnerFinder. This marks a significant milestone in our journey to offer specialized SAP solutions. Whether you are looking for specific SAP expertise or industry-focused solutions, you can now find all this information and more at your fingertips on SAP PartnerFinder.
Dr. Rob Britton, Expert in the Airline Industry, talks to Gernot Kapteina, Founder of OYSTEC, about his deep insights and forward-thinking strategies in aviation, shedding light on the revolutionary impacts of digitalization, AI, and crisis management, with a specific emphasis on how he aided American Airlines in recovering from the events of September 11. The conversation is a compelling showcase of expertise and enthusiasm, highlighting his distinguished role in understanding the history of airline industry and shaping its future.
In a bold stride into the vast expanse of artificial intelligence, Elon Musk’s xAI unveils Grok, an AI that promises to not only enhance our understanding of the world but to peer into the mysteries of the universe itself. Infused with the capacity for real-time data assimilation and a quest for cosmic truths, Grok represents a fusion of innovation and aspiration. With its unveiling, Grok invites us on a journey rich in discovery and profound in potential, where humor is just one of the many facets of its complex intelligence. Step into the story of Grok, where the pursuit of knowledge meets the frontier of technology, and embark on an exploration that could transform our place within the cosmos.
Adil Moujahid, AI Expert in NTT DATA EMEAL, talks to Gernot Kapteina, Founder of OYSTEC, about the astounding evolution of Generative AI and the influential trajectory of ChatGPT. In this riveting conversation, they navigate through the milestones of AI development, exploring both its monumental breakthroughs and the nuanced challenges encountered along the way. The article provides insightful reflections on the applications, ethics, and future implications of AI technologies, offering readers a thorough understanding of this digital revolution.
Navigating the multifaceted world of project landscapes, IT firms such as Systems Integrators (SIs) are often faced with the daunting challenge of synchronizing multiple internal units and departmnts while delivering high-quality solutions to their customers through their external projects. This is where the pivotal role of a well-structured project management governance framework comes into play. Beyond merely guiding project execution, this framework ensures that all internal units function in harmony, resonating with the overarching organizational objectives.
Ken Tsuchihashi, CEO of Qunie Corp. in Tokyo, talks to Gernot Kapteina, Founder of OYSTEC, about his extensive experience in the Finance Industry, highlighting the rapid Digital Transformation and increasing demand for technology-driven solutions in Japan and globally, as well as the growing focus on sustainable and responsible investing.
The technological landscape is on the brink of substantial transformation, spurred by four key advancements—neuromorphic computing, self-supervised learning, the metaverse, and human-centered AI, a new Gartner Report states. These emerging technologies, at the forefront of innovative forces, are poised to drive significant change and present new opportunities, thereby reshaping the future of the technology sector.
Kaz Nishihata, CEO of NTT DATA, Inc., talks to Gernot Kapteina, Founder of OYSTEC, about his evolving role in the company's dynamic transformation, the key differentiators that set NTT DATA apart from its competitors, the importance of strategic partnerships, and his insights on the global economic landscape, along with its potential impact on NTT DATA's future.
OYSTEC is proud to announce having achieved the prestigious status of an “SAP Silver Partner”. This significant accomplishment reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services and solutions to our clients also in the SAP space. As an organization, you might be wondering how you can leverage SAP solutions to your advantage. One proven approach is to collaborate with companies that hold the SAP Silver Partner certification. In this new article, we will explore what it means to be an SAP Silver Partner, why working with certified partners like OYSTEC can propel your business forward, and what SAP plans in terms of updates towards the SAP PartnerEdge Program.
Hidetoshi Seki, Board Member and Senior Vice President at NTT TechnoCross in Tokyo, talks to Gernot Kapteina, Founder of OYSTEC, about his role as an Executive in the ICT industry and how exciting it is to balance management with the marketing of innovative IT solutions.
PMI® recently published "Process Groups: A Practice Guide," a comprehensive supplemental book. This book serves as a valuable supplement to PMBOK® 7 by revisiting the successful Process Groups and Knowledge Management Areas. Project Managers who want to use PMBOK® 7 in their projects, as well as Organizations that want to design or update their project management methodology, can finally do so with a clear conscience thanks to this new addition from PMI®.
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