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Target Organization: Any organization that would like to have one or more program management... more
Product information "Program Management Training Workshop"

Target Organization:
Any organization that would like to have one or more program management training workshops for its employees (from Large Enterprises to Small Medium-sized Companies, and across Industries, e.g. manufacturing, IT, etc.)

Based on your individual requirements, we design one or more program management training workshops that a PMI®-certified PgMP® Program Manager of OYSTEC will conduct for selected employees of your company. The contents are coordinated with you and are also based on the PMI®Standard for Program Management, so that a high training quality is ensured for all these reasons. This means that also ensures that you get (besides other content) all the necessary knowledge from the program management domains. These are in particular the following:

  • Program Strategy Alignment (alignment of the program with the objectives and values of the implementing organisation)
  • Program Benefit Management (providing and maximizing financial and non-financial benefits as a result of the program, in particular through the design and implementation of a global and local KPI framework)
  • Program Stakeholder Engagement (identification and analysis of program stakeholders' needs and influencing expectations)
  • Governance (monitoring and control of the program through formal rules and structures)
  • Program Life Cycle Management (definition, execution and completion of the entire program including all required components/projects)

Other components can also be included in the workshop; see also the "Building blocks" tab.

Service Period:
By arrangement (everything is possible from a one day workshop to 10 days, depending on your requirements)

Global delivery model:
Primarily onsite (depending on the agreement, services can also be provided remotely, i.e. onshore, nearshore or offshore)

By hourly or daily rate (price on request)

Country and language availability:
Global (German, English)

Copyright: PMI and PgMP are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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  • The Program Management Training Workshop is structured and carried out in accordance with the globally leading PMI® Standard for Program Management, so that you get a holistic Program Management experience.
  • You have the opportunity to contribute your own requirements in the design phase of the workshop. For example, to include important company-specific program management requirements and methodologies, and integrate it as part of the overall workshop offering.
  • You can also use this training as preparation for a PgMP® training.
  • You get first-hand Program Manager knowledge so that the quality and skills of your Program Manager increase even further.


  • You want to train new Program Managers or further expand the skills of existing Program Managers.
  • The presence of a training room for onsite training; alternatively training via remote infrastructure is also possible.

We have trained (future) Program Managers in various environments; through onsite workshops or through the developed e-learning system and certification scenarios.

Copyright: PMI and PgMP are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

In addition to the core service, the following modules can also be part of the offer, depending on the individual agreement. Please specify your wishes when you send us an inquiry.

Core Offering:
Conducting one or more program management training workshops for your employees according to the PMI® Standard for Program Management; optionally with additional content that you can define.

Additional Building Blocks:

  • An even stronger focus on specific PMI® Management areas: Program Benefit Management, stakeholder engagement in programs, program leadership and oversight, program life cycle management, and/or other key program activities
  • Power tactics (e.g. for weaker or non-existent matrix organizations)
  • Organizational change management
  • Agile project management
  • Project Management
  • Multi-project management
  • Template management and rollouts (e.g. in the IT industry)
  • Shoring networks (Global Delivery Model)
  • Further information on request!

Copyright: PMI is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.