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Target Organization: Organizations, institutions or households that want to have a 3D print... more
Product information "3D Printing"

Target Organization:
Organizations, institutions or households that want to have a 3D print made, across all industries.

With the help of our professional 3D printing partner company, we are able to provide you with printed real-life models of your digital 3D files by using the latest technologies (e.g. SLS, 3DP, FDM) and materials (e.g. nylon / polyamide, TPU X92A, PLA, ABS, PC, polymer gypsum) to design, print and deliver. Areas of application include prototypes, measurement models, small series and spare parts. We also offer other services such as 3D scanning, preliminary check of your 3D print data, professional CAD services as well as the previous prototype construction. Simply write us your ideas and requirements and we will contact you without obligation.

Depending on the effort and urgency, between 1 week and 3 months.

Global Delivery Model:
If you already have a 3D print file in a common format, send it to us and we will produce your 3D print remotely.

Price on request. Please do not hesitate to use our non-binding inquiry form to get a precise offer.

Country and language availability:
Germany (German, English) and on request

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  • Short-term offer to you within 1-2 working days.
  • Fast processing: If desired, depending on the scope, deliveries can be made within 1 week.
  • Process reliability: The latest technologies and the highest quality are offered.


  • Basic format must be created for 3D printing.
  • The completion time depends on the complexity of the 3D model.


  • Historical German Seaside Resort Prora: Creation and 3D printing of the 4.5km long seaside resort in 3.75m and 4.5m areas.
  • 3D Ball from Star Wars: 240h printing time with FDM technology.
  • Please contact us for further references!

In addition to the standard service, delivery speed and price depend on the choice of materials, size, desired technology and additional components. Please let us know what you need in the request form.

Core Offering:
Analysis, improvement and creation (printing) of 3D models of your choice.

Optional Building Blocks:

  • 3D print data check and major optimizations (if the files can only be printed in 3D with great effort and we should take over the digital preparation or other CAD services).
  • Model and prototype construction.
  • 3D scanning and digital optimization (e.g. as the basis for later 3D printing).
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.