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Target Organization: Any organization that needs a Claim Manager for projects (usually these...más
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Target Organization:
Any organization that needs a Claim Manager for projects (usually these are often large enterprises in the industrial sector, e.g. railway automation, etc.)

We dispatch you a Claim Manager for your project for processing, documenting and monitoring claims. As market convention, this service includes the management of change / variation orders and claims, as well as examination and scheduling and negotiations with your customers / contract partners, in cooperation with your existing project management and your contract management team. Depending on your requirements, our Claim Manager can perform the following tasks for you in the project:

  • Assessment of technical deviations and corresponding cost effects, analysis, commenting, processing, documentation and monitoring.
  • Interviews with stakeholders such as project staff, witnesses and other parties to get information to assess claims.
  • Support in the cost management of work packages regarding contract adjustments and claims for technical changes in your project.
  • Execution of audits or records and reports according to contractual and legal requirements.
  • Development of specific negotiation concepts and strategies (case-related) as well as support or management of claim negotiations.
  • Proactive development of strategies and measures for claim defense and risk reduction.
  • Manage the communication within your project environment or other departments, with your customer, or any required stakeholders in the claim management process.
  • Documentation of all required information and files regarding claim management (according to the document management set up in your project).

Service Period:
By arrangement (a Claim Manager is usually active from half a year to 2 years, but this can be agreed individually, especially depending on the industry and project environment).

Global Delivery Model:
Primarily onsite (depending on the agreement, services can also be provided remotely, i.e. onshore, nearshore or offshore).

By hourly or daily rate (price on request).

Country and language availability:
Global (German, English)

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  • Dispatch of an internationally experienced Claim Manager for your projects with the necessary cultural sensitivity and willingness to travel.
  • Knowledge of the necessary software such as MS Office applications (especially Excel), project planning tools, etc.
  • We not only offer the required skills in claim management, but also the know-how in other related disciplines such as agile management, program management, project management and change management and can also use our skills here for you if necessary.

The existence of a project for which you need an external Claim Manager and would like to commission it externally. We are happy to integrate ourselves into your project as an internal project member.

We have references in major projects in the railway industry as well as in medium-sized projects in the IT industry. Please contact us for further details.

In addition to the core service, the following modules can also be part of the offer, depending on the individual agreement. Please specify your wishes when you send us an inquiry.

Core Offering:
Provision of a Claim Manager for your project for processing, documenting and monitoring claims.

Additional Building Blocks:

  • Contract reviews
  • Examination of the basis of claims and assessment of supplements
  • Advising other project members on other relevant topics from the areas of project management, claim management, or more
  • Another or even stronger focus on certain PMI® project management areas, if this is necessary in your project: integration, scope, time planning, costs, quality, resources, communication, risk, procurement and / or stakeholders
  • Power Tactics (e.g. with weaker or nonexistent matrix organizations)
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Program Management
  • More on request.

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