Diseño de una metodología AMS/AMO

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Target Organization: Any organisation that wants to create its own AMS/AMO methodology...más
Información del producto "Diseño de una metodología AMS/AMO"

Target Organization:
Any organisation that wants to create its own AMS/AMO methodology and obtain the assistance of external experts (from large large enterprises to small and medium-sized companies as well as cross-industry, e.g. manufacturing, IT, etc.)

As a "Method as a Service" we offer you the design and implementation of an AMS/AMO methodology in your organization. Depending on your requirements, external AMS/AMO practices can be adapted and integrated. Furthermore, it is possible to incorporate your own assets from your own organization at any level. There are also other modules that can extend the scope of a methodology, e.g. the design and installation of your own learning and certification environment. OYSTEC can create a corresponding methodology for your company and implement it in your organization.

Service Period:
By agreement (an AMS/AMO methodology can be created and implemented within 6 months up to 3 years depending on the scope; depending on the scope and the building blocks to be integrated).

Global Delivery Model:
The methodology can be created on onsite or remotely, or a mixture of both - depending on the agreement with you. Then: the use of shoring resources (e.g. from nearshore or offshore staff) can also be configured within the methodology.

By daily rate (price on request)

Country and language availability:
World (German, English)

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  • Attract more customers by having a professional AMS/AMO methodology, which is a smart combination of global standard and your own organizational assets, and which you can offer as your own brand in the market
  • Even higher quality in your AMS/AMO projects
  • Lower costs of your AMS/AMO projects by using proven standards
  • We have experience in designing such methods within large companies


  • You wish to build up (or improve) an existing AMS/AMO methodology for your organisation
  • You wish to use and integrate leading proven AMS/AMO standards into your organization

We have multinational companies from the IT sector as references. Please contact us for further details!

In addition to the core service, the following modules can also be part of the offer, depending on the individual agreement. Please specify your wishes when you send us an inquiry.

Core Offering:
Design of the AMS/AMO methodology. We consult, create the methodology and put it live for you.

Additional Building Blocks:

  • Development of a template repository
  • Design and implementation of an intranet portal
  • Design and implementation of a learning environment
  • Design and implementation of a certification process for your internal (future) AMS/AMO experts
  • Addition in the area of Organizational Change Management
  • Design and implementation of a global Enterprise PMO (EPMO)
  • Further information on request!