Final Program Report Template (English)

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Target Organization: Organisations or institutions that need a complete final program report...más
Información del producto "Final Program Report Template (English)"

Target Organization:
Organisations or institutions that need a complete final program report as a template for their programs; or that are building their own program methodology and want to enrich it with this template.

At the end of a program, a final report should always be drawn up, documenting all the activities and objectives achieved by the programme and then archived. This report must contain all important information about the program that will be useful for other programs in the future. This document can also be used to inform management about the program as a whole. Although this template is completed during the closing process, it should be developed gradually throughout the program so that key information is not forgotten. Reliable sources include information from the program charter, meeting minutes, risk register, and key audits and reviews. Frequently, before a program is officially concluded, the Program Manager(s) hold a knowledge transfer meeting with key stakeholders such as the team. This also provides important information that should be included in this template.

Over 30 pages.

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  • This program completion report is an all-encompassing template that helps you ensure that all important information from a program in your organization is retained, as all important program information and data is described and summarised in a meaningful structured way.
  • This Final Program Report template follows the content guidelines of 'The Standard for Program Management' of PMI®, so that an outstanding quality is given.


  • You need a comprehensive Final Program Report template; either for active use in your programs, or as part of an existing or new program management methodology.
  • You need software to unzip the ZIP file (e.g. with Microsoft Windows 10).
  • You need Microsoft Word to use the template.

Use of this template in various programs as PgMP®-certified program manager according to PMI®

Copyright: PMI and PgMP are protected trademarks of Project Management Institute, Inc.; Microsoft, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

You can buy this template directly here and download and use it immediately.

Core Offering:
Provision of the Final Program Report as a comprehensive template. In addition to the structure (see the table of contents), each chapter also contains ready-made texts and/or required table templates and/or further information.

Table of Content:

  • 1. Purpose
  • 2. Template Guideline
  • 3. Key Information
  • 4. Strategic Objectives
  • 5. Program Benefits Delivered
  • 6. Program Participants
  • 7. Stakeholder Management
  • 8. Summary of Program Metrics
  • 8.1 List of Metrics
  • 8.2 Earned Value Metrics
  • 8.3 Financial Management
  • 8.4 Planned vs. Actual Resource Usage
  • 8.5 Team Management Approaches
  • 8.5.1 Team Management Metrics
  • 8.5.2 Rewards & Recognition Systems
  • 8.6 Charter Effectiveness
  • 8.7 Organizational Metrics
  • 9. Program Risks & Issues
  • 9.1 Ex Ante Identified Program Risks
  • 9.2 Ex Ante Unidentified Program Risks
  • 9.3 Program Issues
  • 9.4 Escalated Risks & Issues
  • 10. Baseline Changes
  • 11. Interfaces
  • 12. Communication
  • 12.1 Communication Methods incl. in Communications Management Plan
  • 12.2 Communication Methods not incl. in Communications Management Plan
  • 12.3 Program Final Report Recipient
  • 13. Supplier Performance
  • 14. Program Decision
  • 15. Terminations
  • 15.1 Contract Terminations
  • 15.2 Component Terminations
  • 16. Program Acceptance
  • 17. Benefits Transitioned
  • 18. Lessons Learned
  • 18.1 Program
  • 18.2 Program Management Processes
  • 19. Knowledge Repository
  • 20. Approvals
  • 21. Appendix
  • 21.1 Glossary
  • 21.2 Copyright Notices and Disclaimer