Gartner® publishes the new Hype Cycle® for Emerging Technologies

Gartner® has analyzed over 2,000 different emerging technologies, extracted and consolidated specific "must-known" innovations out of it, and structured them in its current Hype Cycle® for Emerging Technologies. They distinguish between evolving/expanding immersive experiences, accelerated AI automation, and optimized technologist delivery. While only a few of them can be implemented in the short term, most will take more than 10 years to become mainstream.

a) Evolving/expanding immersive experiences

  1. Decentralized identity (DCI)
  2. Digital humans
  3. Internal talent marketplaces
  4. Metaverse
  5. Non-fungible token (NFT)
  6. Superapp
  7. Web3

b) Accelerated AI automation

  1. Causal artificial intelligence (AI)
  2. Foundation models
  3. Generative design AI
  4. Machine learning code generation

c) Optimized technologist delivery

  1. Augmented FinOps
  2. Cloud sustainability
  3. Computational storage (CS)
  4. Cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA)
  5. Data observability
  6. Dynamic risk governance (DRG)
  7. Industry cloud platforms
  8. Minimum viable architecture (MVA)
  9. Observability-driven development (ODD)
  10. OpenTelemetry
  11. Platform engineering

More information can be found within the original Gartner Article about Emerging Technologies 2022 which is a must-read to discover any required detail about these new emerging innovations.


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