Gartner® announces 9 new Strategic Technology Trends for 2021

Based on drivers such as 'Distributed Cloud', 'AI Engineering', 'Cybersecurity Mesh' and 'Composable Business Drive', Gartner®  identifies nine different Strategic Technology Trends for 2021, which are outlined in this article:

Trend 1: Internet of Behaviours - To gather, combine and process behavioural data from different sources.

Trend 2: Total experience - To combine multiexperience, customer experience, employee experience and user experience for an optimized business outcome.

Trend 3: Privacy-enhancing computation - To provide a trusted environment as well as using decentralization and encryption.

Trend 4: Distributed cloud - To distribute cloud services to different physical locations, but keeping the governance in-house.

Trend 5: Anywhere operations - To ensure that the own business can be accessed and delivered from anywhere with the help of digital tools, especially due to Covid-19.

Trend 6: Cybersecurity mesh - To enable a modular security approach with a central policy orchestration but distributed policy enforement. 

Trend 7: Intelligent composable business - To accelerate digital business strategies to be faster in response to necessary organizational changes.

Trend 8: AI engineering - To scale and deliver AI offerings through a robust AI engineering strategy.

Trend 9: Hyperautomation - To automate "anything" that can be automated in a organization. 


Organizations that follow these trends can use them to better transform their business to prepare for an intelligent future, says Gartner. Check out the following link to get a deeper understanding of these Strategy Technology Trends: 

Link to Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 by Gartner


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