OYSTEC Achieves SAP Silver Partnership: Unlocking the Power of SAP Expertise to Drive Business Success

OYSTEC is proud to announce having achieved the prestigious status of an “SAP Silver Partner”. This significant accomplishment reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services and solutions to our clients also in the SAP space. As an organization, you might be wondering how you can leverage SAP solutions to your advantage. One proven approach is to collaborate with companies that hold the SAP Silver Partner certification. In this new article, we will explore what it means to be an SAP Silver Partner, why working with certified partners like OYSTEC can propel your business forward, and what SAP plans in terms of updates towards the SAP PartnerEdge Program.

What is an SAP Silver Partner?

SAP's partner ecosystem is designed to provide its customers with a wide range of resources, expertise, and solutions. Within this ecosystem, the SAP PartnerEdge program classifies partners into several tiers. Hereby, becoming an SAP Silver Partner is no small feat. These partners undergo a rigorous evaluation process and must meet strict criteria to demonstrate their competence and commitment to delivering specific exceptional SAP services and solutions. Some key characteristics of an SAP Silver Partner include:

  1. Industry expertise: Silver Partners possess deep knowledge and understanding of the specific industries they serve, enabling them to tailor SAP solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients.
  2. Qualified consultants: SAP Silver Partners employ a team of professionals who possess the technical know-how and experience to help you unlock the full potential of your SAP investments.
  3. Ongoing training and education: Silver Partners must continuously invest in their employees' skills and education, ensuring that they stay up-to-date with the latest SAP innovations.

Why Collaborate with or Contract SAP Silver Partners?

Working with an SAP Silver Partner like OYSTEC offers numerous benefits for your organization, including:

  1. Access to tailored solutions: As industry experts, Silver Partners can customize SAP solutions to fit your business requirements, ensuring that you achieve maximum return on your investments.
  2. Faster time-to-value: Silver Partners have a proven track record of successfully implementing SAP projects. By leveraging their experience, you can expect a smooth and efficient project execution, reducing the time it takes to realize the benefits of your SAP solutions.
  3. Scalability and flexibility: SAP Silver Partners have access to a vast network of resources within the SAP ecosystem. This enables them to scale their offerings and adapt to your changing business needs, providing the support you need as you grow and evolve.
  4. Risk mitigation: Partnering with an SAP Silver Partner reduces the risk associated with implementing complex SAP projects. These partners have a deep understanding of the potential challenges and pitfalls, and they possess the expertise to navigate them effectively.
  5. Competitive advantage: By leveraging the expertise of SAP Silver Partners like OYSTEC, your organization can stay ahead of the competition through process optimization, data-driven decision-making, and innovative technology adoption.

Recent Updates to the SAP PartnerEdge Program

Embracing the latest changes to the SAP PartnerEdge program, OYSTEC is well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional SAP services tailored to your organization's unique needs. The recent updates to the program are aimed at helping partners better differentiate their strengths and align with SAP's overall customer lifetime value strategy. These updates include:

  1. Introduction of the New Competency Framework: This framework will replace the SAP Recognized Expertise and recognize partners' domain expertise, customer success, and maturity at a detailed level. New competency and specialization designations will be automatically awarded to partners, helping them better differentiate the specific strengths of their SAP practice.
  2. Continuity of Silver & Gold SAP Partnership Logos: With the introduction of the competency framework and its associated branding elements including, the current silver and gold partner levels and associated benefits will continue.
  3. Retirement of SAP Recognized Expertise Designations: As the new competency framework is introduced, SAP Recognized Expertise designations will be phased out. No applications for SAP Recognized Expertise categories will be accepted after September 1, 2022, and partners will have until February 28, 2023, to remove all references of any SAP Recognized Expertise logo from their marketing assets and websites.

These updates continuously emphasize the commitment of SAP and its partners like OYSTEC to adapt to the ever-changing market landscape and deliver the best possible solutions and services to customers worldwide.


Partnering with an SAP Silver Partner like OYSTEC can provide the competitive edge your organization needs in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. By leveraging the expertise of certified partners, you can maximize the benefits of your SAP investments and unlock the power of SAP solutions for your business. As you seek to collaborate with a trusted partner, consider OYSTEC, a certified SAP Silver Partner also under the New Competency Framework designations, to help position your company for sustained success.


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