Emerging and Disruptive Technologies within NATO

Since Russia attacked Ukraine, NATO's defense capabilities and military strengths have been increasingly discussed again. A key aspect in this context is the utilization of digital and futuristic practices. Therefore, this article briefly presents NATO's current focus on their emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs) which are used to strengthen the defense capabilities of the Allies.

To this end, various research and development alliances are initiated and conducted accross NATO countries to develop or improve military defense systems by using EDTs. Specifically, these nine key areas are as follows:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Data and computing
  3. Autonomy
  4. Biotechnology and human enhancements
  5. Quantum-based technologies
  6. Hypersonic technologies
  7. Space
  8. New materials and their production
  9. Energy and propulsion 

The NATO members are producing their results for all of these nine areas through specialized focus groups. For example, "NATO's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy" was derived in late 2021, including a focus on AI use and also defense, depending on the need of Allies.

Note that this article uses an editorial from the official NATO website as the basis for its content. If interested, further information can be found there, such as which Allies are focusing on which issues and to what extent NATO is funding such activities.


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